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I would just love to say a huge thank you to all who organized/attended and hosted YOR IN.

I went in with no expectations, but came out with a mind full of knowledge and confidence.

Dennis Wong's high standards, values and beliefs were something I really connected to and has given me an even bigger belief in the YOR Health business. The support from fellow businessmen and women was overwhelmingly comforting AND so much fun!!

The biggest things I took out of YOR IN were:

- To be real and emotionally honest.

- Be aware of time: Time is something that you can never get back, so make every moment count. Have intent with everything you do. Being an owner of 2 hair salons, I understand this, but it’s something I need to work on to keep on top of.

YOR IN made me realize I really need to go out and practice my social skills, as you are basically selling yourself.

I personally have 3 real friends, a boyfriend, and I am a great hairdresser who talks to people all day every day. But, when I get put in a social environment with people I don't know, I found it hard to be natural and real and talk about the YOR Health products (which I am in love with). And of course - TAKE ACTION -

This system is really easy if you master the basics, dress sharp and believe in the products and business. You just have to sell yourself and be confident.

Thank you so much to everyone - cannot wait for the next one!

~Dana Kovacic


This experience has helped me to understand my worth, weaknesses and create a plan for tomorrow. I now have tools in place for me to carry on when all seems to be going wrong. I will now know my goal and my plan to get there. No one will stop me from achieving my goals.

I won’t listen to anyone's negativity because I know how much YOR Health cares about the individual and how it can help so many people achieve their goals and financial freedom. YOR Health is the safest investment because really I'm investing into myself.

I now have less fear and will continue to eradicate fear from my life. I commit to myself and my financial freedom!

I'm going to get sophisticated.

~Suzanne Ally


The YOR IN event really helped me to understand and eliminate some of the limiting beliefs and stories that were holding me back in business and life. Being able to hear stories and experiences from Dennis, Dave as well as other attendees really helped to shift my perspective in a lot of areas such as self-sabotage and having a broke mindset.

I have never really understood why certain things happened in my life and always searched for a way to understand myself and what I needed to do in order to progress spiritually and mentally to achieve the results in life I have always wanted and this event answered all of this for me.

I felt this was the single most important breakthrough in my life to date and gave me the belief and clarity in myself to go and take all out action and not hesitate when in pursuit of my dreams and goals. The energy and excitement in the room was something I will never forget and has given me 100% belief and confidence in the vision and future of this company. I am now certain in every way that we have the solution to what so many other people in this world need and are searching for. This was for me a completely life changing event that I will always cherish and remember.

~Francesco Gilbert


First of all, special thanks and gratitude to Dennis and Sophia for being who you are and sacrificing so much of your time and energy to present an opportunity that is literally saving so many lives.

YOR Health is going to be the company that changes the entire word. A new career to replace jobs, creating the value financially in hard times and real genuine ways where millions will feel safe because their health is thriving and they are self-aware of the actions creating positive environments around them where ever they set foot on this beautiful earth of ours.

Attending YOR IN I have learned to let go of every past and future event, live in the now and master Rising Star in 7 Days or Less for longer success.

Being specific on understanding the details related to my business, writing in a journal everyday so I can determine the exact skills, system or self-awareness I use that works well and what does not, so to progress and grow to new heights building to Crown White Diamond is just the beginning. Achieving this means I will need to create millionaires, in turn what it takes to become a millionaire is what makes the world a better place, and our lifestyle will be like no other.

It all comes within our belief, passing that onto others, and all that happens is how we are perceiving, its not really what we think is happening but what is actual reality. Forgive past actions, we have not failed but grown and understood my strengths in vision, work ethic and belief to help thousands.

Daily Notion creates Positive Emotion that will ultimately unlock the freedom we truly deserve!

~Blake Colman


My experience with YOR IN has allowed me to understand the importance of Self Mastery, the benefits self-mastery will have on my personal life, my business and the influence it will have on those around me.

The energy I felt in that room uplifted me and I have developed so much more passion and belief for our business and myself. I have a stronger mindset, more confidence and am aware of my previous actions that unconsciously led me to self-sabotage. Being more aware of my poor/bad habits has allowed me to focus on these areas and adapt to become the person I want to be and take my business to where I want to take it. Thank you for this life changing opportunity.

~Grant Smith


While only a couple of months into this beautiful relationship with YOR Health, the YOR IN reinforced 4 key things:

  1. The company is under the stewardship of 2 remarkable and ethical human beings.
  2. The company is attracting devoted, visionary and wonderful people.
  3. There is an opportunity so exciting and so large for those willing to do the work and grow.
  4. 4 Spreading happiness through health, wealth and self-mastery is not a mission statement, it is a statement of intent in the DNA of Dennis & Sophia.

~Paul Shaw


Before YOR IN, something was holding me back but I was unsure of what it was. I thought I had enough self-mastery to be able to assess and change but nothing was changing.

I was attending all the big events, including the 2013 Annual in Melbourne, the 2014 Australian Launch, The Miami Annual Conference and the Annual on the Gold Coast.

I was told it will help make my business grow but for me, it never did, which was really upsetting me to the point I felt embarrassed as I’ve been with the company for over a year.

Since attending YOR IN, I am now on a whole new level of self-awareness. I can see where I need to face fears, overcome major insecurities and stop the negative self-talk. I need to rewrite the story I’m telling myself!

I have been holding myself back for too long and I know where I have to take action to become THE PERSON I WANT TO BE, THE LEADER I WANT TO BE, THE LEADER I WILL BE!



~Kylie Hyland


I would like to start off by saying that the YOR IN event 2015 was not edified enough as this event changed my whole entire mindset for the better! Since entering the business, I have always believed in the products, the business and the industry although I never believed in myself. I never believed that I would be capable of reaching the level of success that I strived for – this was one of my most limiting beliefs that affected my business dramatically.

After two incredible and knowledge filled days, I have been able to become aware of my weaknesses and the limiting beliefs that I subconsciously tell myself. Being aware of this, I have been able to put to practice the things that I did not want to do (my weaknesses) and thus, improve them. I have also been able to change the story that I tell myself and put an end to the negative self-talk, changing it into a different perspective of positive thoughts and positive stories.

In addition, I had a lot of doubt regarding my leadership skills, as many times I would get a team on board and they would drop off shortly after. After this event, I was taught how to become a leader and it helped prepare my mentality for any future teams that do not continue on this journey – knowing that I have done all I can as a leader to help, guide and support them.

I am so thankful for my Upline and best friend, Nicole Ardiles, for believing in me and supporting me every step of the way and I am very excited for YOR IN 2016 where our whole team will be able to experience the amazing opportunity that I worked so hard for.

~Riva Mounif


YOR IN has been enlightening to say the least. I have learned that the fundamentals of life and business are the same. It all starts within. Your inner world creating your outer world. I have become aware that until I start to change myself, nothing else will change. I have so much more respect and love for YOR Health as a company and am deeply inspired by its Founders and leaders. I understand how unique this opportunity is and that there is no other network marketing company like this out there. Over the weekend I have learned so much about myself and what it means in the context of building my business. I feel empowered, inspired and grateful. Thank you Dennis, Sophia and Dave for a remarkable weekend, I will never forget it.

~Jessica Mead


To be honest I did not expect to get invited to this mind blowing event. Before the event I did work towards it probably harder than I've worked in a while. However looking at the numbers I doubt I would qualify for this exclusive event with so many successful, positive people. I did not have $300 dollars for the event or money for accommodation, although when I got invited by Quoc, I knew I had to be there. It was a bit of a struggle getting the money together but I borrowed it from my parents and my brother because I knew it would be worth it somehow. Just because I'm a promoter I was sure this would take my business and my mind to the next level and I not about that quitting life.

During the event I noticed how far I've come and how everything in life got me to that moment of being at YOR IN and if I wasn't introduced to the opportunity of a lifetime. One thing that Dennis Wong said that stood out to me was, "If you need money then do whatever it takes to get it," which was my problem I hated my job, never turned up on time, but I needed the money and network. The main things I noticed was I definitely wasn't working hard enough and was not making the sacrifices as well as my mindset and self-sabotaging myself. Going to the event showed me how young the company really was and where we're going. I've been a promoter for about 7-8 months and I'm not getting off this train until I become a multimillionaire.

~Nigel Gregory


I would like to start off by thanking Dennis, Sophia, Dave, Kim and everyone else that played a part in making YOR IN 2015 an amazing weekend!

I have taken so much away from the weekend and it was good to see what amazing support we have as well as being able to identify things I need to improve on as well as how to improve them!

It was really good to hear the background and upbringing of both Dennis and Sophia as I think a lot of us see both of them as successful and powerful people without realizing that they had it harder than almost everyone, if not everyone in that room yet they still made it to where they are today!! It was very inspiring as the majority of us let our fears and weaknesses paralyze us rather than using it to drive us!

It helped me have a better understanding of who I was on the inside and how the person on the outside wasn’t matching up with my core values and beliefs! Being emotionally honest with myself, which helps me escape my reality and live in actuality!

I realized early in the event what both discovery and discipline meant and how I was disciplining my team rather than taking the course of discovery!

Being a fairly withdrawn person until beginning at YOR Health, the major turning point for me was not the fact we had to get up and share things with everyone but the point of actually getting up on stage to start with in front of a large number of people, as public speaking has always been one of my main fears!

The biggest thing I took away that I will be and already have started implementing in my team is Rising Star in 7 Days or Less! I realized how important this is and how it would help fix a majority of the problems my team was having if I stuck to it!

Would like to thank everyone that has been a part of this journey so far.

~Ben Johnson


I feel the YOR Health vision for the future is both promising and powerful. To be a part of a company with such great culture, values and beliefs is truly a once in a lifetime opportunity. The love, passion and care this company shows everyone is rare and no other company compares to this philosophy of helping people turn their lives around for the better. I am so grateful for being given this opportunity.

I personally have more self-awareness now to work on, like my self-worth and discovering who I am again. I realized that I need to get back to the main reason why I started this business and create the vision and develop a strong mindset which I will surely work on, so for the next YOR IN experience I will open up more and be confident!

I once felt overwhelmed since I was new but I will do everything I can to grow as a person and then build my foundation and team to create a successful entrepreneurial lifestyle with my friends and family

I learned so much about myself. I was not being honest with myself or to my family and friends. I had been hiding in fear of my own self-worth, fear of judgment, fear of failure and this experience has made me aware that I need to open up to people more and to show more compassion to others and stop self-sabotaging myself.

It has taught me to become more giving and caring and to become a strong leader of which people will follow and can replicate through the team!

~Nathan Calle


YOR Health has given me the vessel to realize my potential for a greater life; a strategy to get there and a support network that constantly drives and motivates me to get there. Before being involved in YOR Health, I was in the military for nearly 7 years. At the end of my career, I had come to the realization that whilst enjoying the job I was in, I would receive an average lifestyle and pay for my constant hard work. Whilst I was always passionate about the health and fitness industry, my time in the Army had failed to supply me with any real world qualifications or experience. If I was going to transition into a normal lifestyle I had no idea on how I was going to do that. YOR Health not only gave me that ability, but also made me realize that an above-average lifestyle is possible.

YOR IN has opened my eyes to the changes I need to make in order to be a successful leader and network marketer. It's given me the tools and mindset in order to be able to develop myself as a leader and develop my team as a whole. Some things I took away from YOR IN is that Good Karma is key to everything in life. Being emotionally honest in all aspects of life will only be beneficial. It has shown me that I need to set an example for my team to follow and support them in order to help them achieve their goals.

~Tim Carlton


So where do I begin? At first I didn't even think I’d be able to attend due to the fact that I'm not Emerald qualified. But when my mentor Josh Shooter gave me a call out of the blue the Friday a week before the event, true to say that at first I thought he was having me on as a joke. He wasn't and I was speechless and jumped on the chance straight away. The next day I was booking flights and accommodations with no idea what I was in for.

The week before the event was quite stressful and at one point I was nearly unable to go. However, in the end it all got sorted out and I finally arrived at the apartments where myself and the rest of the Chain Breakers Team were on Friday night. Unfortunately I was unable to meet and greet the rest of the team that wasn't based in Townsville and I only really knew about six of them personally.

The start of the first day of the event was a bit terrifying as I hadn't been able to pick up my YOR IN shirt from my White Diamond, Justin Farina, and a miscommunication nearly left me stranded at the apartments, not really knowing what to do. But again I was saved at the last the minute and got everything sorted before the 9 a.m. deadline. I was able to meet all the rest of the Chain Breakers and able to finally put names to faces before it started. Before entering the doors to the event I thought to myself that we would probably be sticking with our teams throughout the duration. This was not the case as we were split up to different tables with random people from other teams across the nation. My anxiety went through the roof! Just a little background about myself: I've done 6 years in the army during which I had a few injuries and was involved in an incident where I was put in the hospital and that combined with a recent injury I developed and adjustment disorder with depression and anxiety, going on medication to treat them both. So I was thrown in the deep end from the start, but as the day progressed and we went through the work booklet, it all just went away. I have never felt anything like it in my life. The amount of positive energy and mate ship out of 300 total strangers was incredible. My mind was absolutely blown and the things we touched on were on things I have never ever fathomed and not only learning about yourself but sharing it with the people on the table who you hadn't ever met until then. It was indescribable. Hearing where other people had come from before joining this incredible business and community was awe inspiring! From listening and sharing you found in yourself a new ounce of strength you never felt before; like you could conquer anything.

After the first day you could already notice the change, we weren't just 300 plus strangers put into the room like at the start, we were like one big family all striving for the same goals and vision. I had never been a part of anything like it! As I was walking back to the apartment with a few of the members of the team, for the first time in a long time even though I was mentally drained, I actually felt weightless and happy. A different person to the one that walked into the room at 9 a.m. It didn't let up the second day, I was glued to what we were taught. I was filled with so much confidence and strength that by the end of the whole event I stood up in front at the start of the event of 300 total strangers now 300 brothers and sisters who I know will support me no matter what. I have seen many psychologists and psychiatrists and none of them compare to the way I felt after this event. IT IS A LIFE CHANGER!

~Ryan Cantwell


Heading into the event I had NO idea what was in store for me and my team. All I knew was that Dennis Wong himself would be there and that alone would be mind-blowing. Nothing could have prepared me for the feeling I had, meeting new people on the same journey, getting up on stage and letting go of my past pain, and most importantly, seeing members of my team face their fears and grow as an individual. Nothing brings me more pride than knowing I was a part of this amazing event and I can't wait for the next one!

~Michael Porter


Where do I start?

I fell in love with YOR Health over a year ago and was very excited to join the business however I didn’t fully appreciate the potential of the opportunity that sat before me.

I dove in head first anyway, worked really hard and had some fast, short term success. Unfortunately since then it has been one of the biggest, longest roller coaster rides I have ever been on… Up’s, downs, forwards, backwards, twists and turns.

YOR IN was exactly what I needed! The organization was falling apart and I was feeling very deflated prior to the event. YOR IN made me not only recognize the limiting beliefs I had about the kind of leader I am and will become but it also made me confront my weaknesses on why I am not there.

The main things I took away from YOR IN is… ALL I NEED IS WITHIN ME NOW… I am my own spiritual guide! Never stop working on myself and even when I do adopt all the traits of a 1%er to always continue to grow and learn as it will only contribute more to others. Take responsibility for where I am today, no more limiting beliefs or BS story which is truly something I didn’t think I was still doing after all the personal development I have done in the past… I was sadly mistaken. Most importantly stop being a lonely leader, avoid self-sabotage and continue to frontline. Rising Star in 7 Days or Less! Got it loud and clear…

YOR IN empowered me to get back into the game… It’s now up to me to stay in it and YOR IN provided me with the belief and strategies to do so.

After immersing myself in such high energy, success stories and positivity I am even more passionate about being involved with a company that has such vision of helping people.

Thank you YOR Health for allowing me to be part of such magic.

~Kristy Baretta


YOR IN...Incredible

I went to the weekend with an open mind hoping to have something within me click and bring me to a new level. That definitely happened. The whole weekend was filled with information which is extremely beneficial for not only my business but for my own personal growth. I feel greatly appreciative of being invited there and being able to spend some time with some incredibly successful people absorbing their attitudes and beliefs. The atmosphere was something not to be forgotten and something which will be a focus on recreating in my business and within my team. Seeing so many people reach new mental heights and make shifts to improve themselves was something that I will take away and implement, this will allow me to move towards, and help others move towards their goals. Thanks heaps for allowing me the opportunity to be involved in such an incredible event and helping me become the person I need to be to have what I want to have.

~Brendan Hoey


The YOR IN event was one I had never experienced before. It opened my eyes to the truth. Below are some of the key points I took away from the weekend and things I enjoyed.

- I got to network with likeminded individuals who share similar dreams and aspirations.

- YOR IN has given me the tools I need to change my mindset and the knowledge on how to apply it to my daily life.

- The two biggest assets I learned is that I need not only apply in business but in life are: being able to read people and being able to adapt. Having the skill to 'read' people will allow me to better assess the situation, and be ready for it. Being able to adapt will ensure I am always questioning what I am doing and evaluating what works and what does not.

- Gaining the courage to have emotional honesty and fixing the problem, from the inside out.

- Being aware and taking action. It’s not good enough noticing, we have to take action as well. We're presented with opportunities every single day. Seeing them and having the courage to take action is what separates the successful from the unsuccessful people.

- One of the biggest things I got out of the weekend is learning how to treat people. Spending some time with Sophia and Dennis, and seeing how caring she was and the way she made everyone feel included, was top notch. I learned that allowing people to feel included and cared for, goes a long way in building good friendship and is just the way human beings are supposed to treat each other.

- Overall, YOR IN has instilled and bulletproofed my belief in the company, its vision, its genuine belief in wanting to help people, and belief in myself and trust that what I am doing will get me to where I want to be!

~Bryan Bacaoat


It was such a privilege to attend the 2015 YOR IN: Australia. I left with the power of belief in myself, my team, the company vision and where we can take our business.

YOR IN was definitely a course of self-discovery for me, learning so much about myself and the powerful effect I will have on my business, personal life and those around me by mastering my inner self. I will continue with this path of self-discovery/self-mastery and look forward to the journey ahead.

Truly grateful for this opportunity. Thank you.

~Priscilla Smith


My feelings towards YOR Health as a company is definitely something that has changed and developed over time. The longer and more exposed I am to the company the more belief and understanding I have not only in business, wealth and success but mainly within myself. I feel like YOR Health has given me the opportunity to unlock my full potential. I have often felt throughout life that I was destined for greatness however growing up often in both sport and schooling I would very much be considered someone to have natural talent and natural smarts and would told that; however I would only ever be just better than the average and never reach true expertise or greatness in any one area. I feel as though YOR Health has given me a window and an opportunity to really come to an understanding within myself as to why this is and what I can change to excel past and reach my full potential in life to be whatever I choose.

Definitely after YOR IN I felt I came out of it with a lot more clarity about what I needed to work on within myself. A lot of topics talked about really resonated within me. Initially I came out of YOR IN quite overwhelmed understanding that all of a sudden there were about one hundred and one things I needed to change within myself and how on earth I was going to achieve it. After the initial overwhelming feeling subsided I have definitely come out of YOR IN with a drive and determination I have never felt before, a clarity and understanding in the importance of having awareness about the energy we put into this world being the energy we attract back and how important it is for us to continually develop ourselves and have a clear understanding of who we are so we are able to attract everything we truly want in life; not what we believe we want or have been told what we want. I have had multiple breakthroughs during and since YOR IN and I am truly grateful for the opportunity to attend this event. Let’s do this!

~Tara Hormann


Creo que YOR Health es el vehículo para mi futuro éxito. Desde el inicio siempre he sabido que éste va a ser mi tren hacia la libertad. Sin embargo, después de vivir el YOR IN, he sentido realmente una patada en el trasero y he identificado en lo que realmente necesito trabajar para mejorar no sólo en mí mismo como persona, sino también como miembro/líder de un equipo. YOR Health es verdaderamente un negocio de 20% Habilidades y 80% Mentalidad.

Encontrar a mi yo interior será el inicio de mi cambio. ¡Ser disciplinado en todos los aspectos de mi vida, honesto emocionalmente conmigo y con mi equipo y definitivamente, nada de auto-sabotaje! Mis resultados hoy, no tengo a quién echarle la culpa y no voy a seguir dándole vueltas, sino que seguiré adelante con el conocimiento y la mentalidad que obtuve del YOR IN.

Gracias YOR Health por esta oportunidad.


~Brett Caddy


Thank you so much!

Going into YOR IN I was a little scared, I didn’t know at the time but I didn’t even really know who I was. I was hesitant and insecure about myself and didn't know if Dennis was going to be all hokey pokey about spiritual things he sometimes mentions. As well as the prospect of 13-hour days. However, knowing it was going to be a once in a life time opportunity, I went anyway. We strapped ourselves in and did our best to sponge up the seemingly unlimited wisdom of Dennis and Sophia Wong. Guys I can’t even begin on how much content there was over the 24+ hours. Half way through the first day everyone in the whole event realized that our "lids had popped" so many times it almost became a cliché to say it but we all knew. My respect for Dennis and Sophia and their partners is now ridiculously high. To see all the hardships and speed bumps that they've been through, their tireless work ethic and the vision that they have with this company is mind blowing. I truly believe and I think everyone who went to the event will agree that this company has something special, yeah the product is amazing and the Compensation Plan, support, culture, EVERYTHING we already know is world class but what we have that is different that gives us our biggest edge of all is Dennis and Sophia. It is obvious that no other company exists almost purely to spread health wealth and happiness through self-mastery (bettering ourselves). I know where my karma conflicts and I believe in myself more now! I believe in this team even more now! And I realize just how lucky I am to have an AWESOME team, each and every individual! I'm going to step up and as a team we're going to kill this game! Let’s do it!

~Christopher Prins


As they say, YOR IN cannot be described, it is an event that has to be personally experienced! I went into YOR IN knowing that it will be full of knowledge and advice regarding the company, directly from Dennis Wong, however, the information and guidance we learned, blew my expectation! Not only did it cover advice regarding the business, I felt I learned a lot about myself as a person as well. From meeting the teams of all around Australia, to participating in group work with some of the top performers in the business; words cannot describe how these two days felt! Not only did I leave the event with my team and myself knowing a lot more regarding the business, but we all left the event with our heads held high and proud to be a part of a company that has an extraordinary future ahead! Looking forward to the next YOR IN event!

~Ridhaa Kapadi
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